Construction site

In order to register construction sites and make them easier to track, BUAK and the Labour Inspection Agency [Arbeitsinspektion] have developed a construction site database [GERMAN] to provide information on the following construction site reports.

  • Prior notice pursuant to § 6 of the Construction Work Coordination Act [Bauarbeitenkoordinationsgesetz] (BauKG),
  • Reports pursuant to § 97 (1) and (4) of the Employee Protection Act [ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz] (ASchG) and § 3 (1) of the Construction Worker Protection Directive [Bauarbeiterschutzverordnung] (BauV),
  • Reports on work with particular risks pursuant to § 97 (6) ASchG and § 3 (5) BauV,
  • Report of work with asbestos pursuant to § 97 (7) ASchG and § 22 (1) Threshold Value Ordinance (GKV).

Detailed information is available at www.arbeitsinspektion.gv.at.

Information for companies subject to BUAG
For companies subject to BUAG, no separate log-in is required for construction site reporting. After logging in normally to the eBUAK portal at https://portal.buak.at, construction site reporting is available at the “Firmenportal” (company portal) tab.

Interface for submission of construction site reports
To further simplify the task of submitting electronic construction site reports for construction companies and company owners subject to reporting requirements, reports can now be submitted directly to BUAK in electronic form through a secure web service. For implementation in existing software (e.g. BauKG, SiGe plan preparation), software manufacturers can download an interface description in ZIP format here. This compressed file includes the description in XML format, along with the associated schema files and information on data transfer via web service.

Electronic reporting meets the requirements of the Labour Inspection Agency [Arbeitsinspektion] and BUAK simultaneously.

If a company that is subject to reporting requirements does not wish to submit reports in this electronic form, the report must be submitted both to the Labour Inspection Agency and to BUAK.

Starting on 01/01/2019, construction site reports will only be accepted in electronic form via the eBUAK Portal. Do you have questions about a construction site report?

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