Bad weather

Weather is a significant factor in work operations in the construction professions.

For companies, unfavourable weather conditions result in problems posed by the cost of lost working hours.

In the case of construction workers who perform the majority of their work outdoors, bad weather conditions result in work disruptions which are associated with loss of earnings.

The bad weather provision aims to resolve this problem.  It provides for the reimbursement of the incurred costs to the companies, as well as compensation for the loss of earnings that arises when work is interrupted due to bad weather.

With the amendment to the 1957 Bad Weather Compensation for Construction Workers Act [Bauarbeiter-Schlechtwetterentschädigungsgesetz] (BSchEG) in Federal Law Gazette no. 314/1994, the accompanying Employment Market Service Act [Arbeitsmarktservice-Begleitgesetz], the administration of reimbursing bad weather compensation amounts already paid to the companies was transferred to BUAK in 1996.


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