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No matter how often your employment is interrupted or how long you are employed at each respective company, your BUAK entitlements will increase every single day.

Severance pay
Once you have fulfilled the eligibility requirements for severance pursuant to BUAG (old severance), each day of employment goes towards increasing your entitlements. If you are subject to the severance provisions pursuant to BMSVG (new severance), your entitlements in the BUAK Corporate Pension Insurance Fund (BVK) will increase.

Winter holidays
If you are not employed in construction over the winter holidays (24, 25, 26 and 31 December, and 1 and 6 January), under certain circumstances you will receive compensation for these days under certain circumstances.

Bad weather compensation
It is often the case that work cannot be carried out due to bad weather. In these cases, you will receive 60% of your actual wage from your company.

Interim supplement paid to unemployed construction workers prior to retirement
If you have built up sufficient periods of employment in construction, you may receive an interim supplement before your pension entitlement. This will amount to up to 12 x 169.5 times your predominant hourly wage, as per your collective bargaining agreement, over the last 52 weeks prior to termination of your employment contract (see Interim supplement).


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